weila 3.0 Family social robot


UX strategy, Art Direction, UI, Animation, Style Guide, Illustration


Illustrator, Sketch, After Effect

WEILA 3.0 is the third generation family social robot produced by Flyingwing. inc. It is powered by environmental cognition and body motion identification system, also plays a role of the central control of home Internet of Things. 

The project goal is to bring life to a human-like family member through designing its facial expressions shown on touch screen and physical movements of the body. Bring users a charming, reliable family member, who fits into their life, helps daily things such as taking care of children and setting up family security. 

#ui/ux #animation #interaction design

Facial expression animation set

First Prototype Test - Emotions

WEILA 3.0 Experience Zone


WEILA 3.0 Announcement