SENSENOTES is a digital diary that employs all five senses to build a narrative that helps you archive and manage a life’s memory.t is a personal recording tool that organizes multi-sensory data into memorable narratives.

SENSENOTES is inspired by my thesis study, which has explored the question of how to use visual elements as a sort of grammar to tell stories, by using digital data as visual cues or signs to combine them into patterns that transmit messages to the viewer. Before I start designing the app, I interviewed some people to make sure my concept is worthwhile to dig into. I asked them to write "sense diary" by asking themselves the question "What did you see/hear/taste/smell/feel". Their words are interesting to read, especially some synesthesia experiences with their imagination (like feel drowning in the water in someone's room). Based on the research provided in this dissertation,it is apparent that a visual narrative, entailing a story told mainly by using multi-sensory experience , is an innovative tool that can manage and organize a personal digital database in the form of storytelling, therefore making the digital memory as close as possible to the real life memory.

# UI/UX | Product Design



UX Strategy, User Research, Interaction Design, UI Design, Icon Animation


Pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect