Tezign is a creative and marketing supplier platform using data intelligence solution to help business owners find suitable designers to meet different design requirements .

I have a long-term cooperation with Tezign for several years as a freelancer in UI/UX, motion graphic and illustration area. The opportunities  I got from this platform are not only challenging but also with a lot of fun.

I made this illustration for them while visiting their office in Shanghai. The concept is designers (colorful bulbs) meet clients (paper boats) through Tezign, and ideas are evoked from there.




I dreamed this old village last night where I’ve been to in the first year of university. Animation department hold this outdoor sketch activity in the summer, for freshmen practice observing and drawing in countryside . #nostalgia

Illustrations for Worry Free Labs future website

Worry Free Labs is a warm team with people passionate about user experience design. There is no restriction for new ideas during the design process. The style of this agency is like what its name shows, we are doing design experiment in a lab.

When asked to create some visual concepts for our future web design, I want to sketch some ideas really tie to our branding, then I decide to stick with the word "Lab". Using geometric shapes and grid layouts to represent the concept: “we use basic graphic elements with a high-standard working flow to formulate brilliant projects for you”. 

Emotion and cloud

How to deal with shitty emotion.... escape to the universe mentally and put yourself beside those planets. Nothing is important includes those depressed moments.


A sunny day with egg benedict for brunch is a luxuriating moment. After separating the egg with fork, the yolk mingles with the hollandaise sauce on the muffin. It is the beginning of "eating slice of heaven in every bite".

Forever sleep


The sky is blue and the scenery is beautiful. However, she prefers to stay in her own universe, waiting for a forever sleep. 

Yuan's noodle bar

Yuan, pronounced as "you want". Yuan's noodle bar, you want is a great noodle bar. I wish some day I will planning my own Yuan's noodle shop in somewhere.

Childhood Dream

"Colorful balls fall to the balcony from the roof, then fill my room."

Watermelon Tree

A funny childhood memory of a warning from elders: do not swallow watermelon seed while eating watermelon,otherwise a tree will grow out of your head. This white lie is as common as the story of Santa Claus in my hometown.

Parting from family

 A new future soldier is saying goodbye to his wife for a three-month Basic Combat Training. It is hard for a normal citizen turning to be a soldier. 


An illustration for a piece of paragraph extracted from the book Invisible Cities  by Giulio Einaudi.


"From there, after six days and seven nights, you arrive at Zobeide, the White City, well exposed to the moon, with streets wound about themselves as in a skein. 
They tell this story of its foundation: men of various nations had an identical dream. They saw a woman running at night through an unknown city; she was
seen from behind, with long hair and she was naked. They dreamed of pursuing her."

A rainbow life

A girl majors in photography brought me a bubble milk tea to exchange a picture of her. She said her favorite thing is rainbow and food. The concept of this picture appears in my mind while mixing these keywords together: Photography, Rainbow, Bubble milk tea, Food. She is floating in the bubble milk tea, with her camera to record her rainbow life.