Hearthstone Esport hub Concept


We found many reasons why our participants felt unable or unwiling to be more involved in the Hearthstone eSports scene, and they can all be categorized under three core principles:

  • Lack of Awareness

  • Lack of Clarity (or Difficulty of Understanding)

  • Lack of Engagement


Awareness: The common trend amongst the participants that have not yet begun consuming esports content, was simply a lack of exposure to the scene. If we can partner closely with publishing and community for integrated marketing campaigns - particularly over social marketing channels. Hearthstone FB: 2.2M Followers VS HS Esports FB:7k followers.

Clarity: Most participants found it difficult to understand the details of the Hearthstone Esports program. This confusion creates a barrier for potential fans to become invested in the scene. Various types of tournament: HCT, HGG, Inn-vitational, wild, Collegiate ,and some thrid party events, community events.

Design Challenge: How might we present the Hearthstone Esports program in a way that fans can immediately understand the different tournaments, leagues and how they relate to each other?

Engagement: Fans follow teams they can connect with. Connection is driven when a team means something greater than a collection of players.

Participants were attracted to the Hearthstone culture through charismatic personalities

Influencers like Frodan, Firebat and Disguised Toast extend the world of Hearthstone beyond the game and give players more reason to invest in to the Hearthstone scene.

  • “Watching streams got me to play Hearthstone”  “I would not play if there was not a large esports community“

Some participants noted that they want to see pro-player articles on the Hearthstone site. Their expertise can provide a trusted resource as our site grows to be the primary source of truth for all things Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Esports is different than any other Esports. Pro players are not rockstars like Starcraft. It’s approachable. We want to tell pro players stories to celebrate them, in the meantime, we want normal users know it really could be you.

  • How can we show how the pro players got to the top?

  • If a player is interested in competing, how to even start?

The journey from grassroots to pro is important.

Hearthstone Esports Audience and Content

Hearthstone audience is huge but esports audience is small (1:20)

1.Core Hearthstone Fans

  • Schedule - I need to know when the match happens

  • Player Profiles - I want to read the pro-players’ story, how they got to the top?

  • Recap and Analysis - we want to provide the best recap and analysis

    • Pre, during and post

2. Non-esports central esports articles


Most played single card in a tourney

Hearthstone Game team video describing how this card was created


  • Pre-event hype is done well but we have opportunities to better support content during the event and post-event.

  • The biggest challenge is discoverability and awareness

    • Hearthstone esports is confusing to understand

    • Various types of tournament: HCT, HGG, Inn-vitational, wild, Collegiate ,and some third party events, community events

    • The journey from amateur to pro player is important for us, so it is imperative clearly delineate the progression system.

CONCEPT: HEArthstone esports hub

Update Hearthstone Esports Hub aggregating HCT, Global Games, Inn-vitationals, and more.