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Health Rhythm is on a mission to provide objective and precise assessment of behavioral health to understand and manage mental health. Together with engineers and copywriters, I aim to create the app CUE to improve the regularity of people’s routines within healthy bounds and thereby improve symptoms related to depression & anxiety. 

Product Vision: Unlike normal user, people diagnosed with depression have less concentration, motivation to check complex tasks on daily schedule. CUE is build as a tool (in beta) focuses on helping people find stable routines that are just right for them which can in turn provide a stable basis for positive mental health. 

The approach has a strong scientific, clinical and ultimately biological grounding:: in essence, the intervention focuses on helping people create tailored routines that provide the natural cues (e.g., light, temperature, physical activity) necessary for stable functioning.  

  • A mobile experience that helps user establish a healthy daily routine

  • Assessment of user's behavioral routines (Sensing & Self-Report)

  • Identification of areas for improvement (Sensing & Self-Report)

  • Learning why consistent healthy routines are important and how to improve them (Psycho education)

  • Receiving personalized suggestions to stabilize your daily functioning 

  • High level overview of how you are doing (Profile & Feedback)


Product Design, UX strategy, Art Direction, UI, Illustration, animation


Illustrator, Sketch, After Effect, Lottie

#ui/ux #animation #interaction design




User Journey




02-Visual Concept

I collected the keywords that matters to depressed people, came up with visual solutions tight to those keywords.

  • Secret Garden: Lightening, Quiet, Dreamlike, Reassuring

  • Bright Life: Delightful, Brightened, Inspiration, Enjoyable

  • My Journal: Touchable, Natural, Self record

Collecting Feedback

“I’m very attracted to the palette of My Secret Garden.  I wondered a bit about legibility, though I was reassured looking at on InVision.  Also, consistent with our prohibition on bright screens after a certain hour at night, this would be OK, right?”

“My second choice would be the one she calls My Journal which I also like quite a lot.”

“My favorite one is the My Secret Garden. Second choice would be the Bright Life design. I really like the color combination green-purple in the schedule view and the shimmer effect around the Rhythm Score. Also the wavy/smooth shapes overall are more appealing to me compared to the sharper design in My Journal.”

“I like elements from all 3:

- I find the rhythm report score from 'bright life' most visually appealing, same with the wave.

- I also like the icon design and drop shadow from 'bright life'.

- I think the schedule section works the best from 'my journal’, I like the more subtle icons in the top right and text on the left. ‘Secret garden’ also looks great here too.”

“I found the palette from ‘secret garden’ the most relaxing, and preferred the learning section design above others.”

“+Secret Garden”

“Bright life for me”

We finally settle down to Bright Life for the first launch. People are gravitating between Bright Life and Secret Garden. Discussed with the technical lead, If we pursue the 'zeitgeber' idea then Bright Life could be the daily view with a transition to Secret Garden as the sun sets.


03- welcome journey

video password: yuan0611


o4- App Structure




o6- illustration