I got this great opportunity to collaborate with 1 SE team to update their mobile application 1 Second Everyday in the end of 2016. Their goal was to launch a new version before Christmas. Since the timeline is tight, they are not aiming for redesign the total app. The request was to find a visual direction and implement it to Christmas features as step one. I started to come up with ideas without restriction, and then settle down to those major features with higher priority.

I’ve watched Cesar Kuriyama’s TED Talk on 2014 and it was one of the resource of my thesis research, which is about multi-sensory memory . The concept “shoots one second of video every day to collect all the special bits of one’s life” really inspired me at that time. One of the team member visited my Thesis Show in Pratt Institute. asked me if I can help redesign their app based on Cesear’s presentation, I was more than happy to collaborate with people on the same wavelength.


UX, Visual Concept, UI


Illustrator, Sketch, After Effect

#ui/ux #interaction design

visual concept.jpg

1SE Team

Illustration: Jason Forest

I appreciate the team treated me as one of 1SE member during our collaboration, even though I am not their employee. Now the team is growing and they have a full-time designer to handle fast-pace works. Sincerely looking forward to see the app gets better! I keep this illustration here as a great 1 second memory of 2017 :)